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CNA Business Day 2017

With “CNA NetWork Business Day 2017” you have at your disposal every 20 minutes an entrepreneur among the companies you would like to collaborate with, or a buyer from important manufacturing player companies. Get straight to the point, without wasting time or beating around the bush: develop partnerships, sell your products/services, acquire strategic contacts and develop an unprecedented network of relationships and business opportunities.


An event exclusively attended by entrepreneurs, managers and buyers: the ideal context to expand your growth possibilities.

The average duration of each meeting with other entrepreneurs and buyers is 20 minutes: in a single day you can make dozens of new contacts and contracts.


Find solutions to broaden your entrepreneurial horizons by getting straight to the point and without the useless preliminaries typical of usual business meetings.

in-depth workshops on highly topical entrepreneurial topics.

8 hours of meetings and discussions customized to your needs with the entrepreneurs, managers and purchasing directors of the companies that interest you most.

entrepreneurial relationships that allow you to know and make yourself known in one day, but for the future

meeting agenda automatically developed based on the companies and buyers you wish to meet: every minute of your time is optimally optimised.

concrete and immediately evident results: develop contacts and collaborations in just one day that are normally obtained in many months of negotiations.